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This fascinating account of pioneering endeavour continues here in Volume Two. Following the earlier survey work done in the Tasmania's South West, the reader will gain insight into the lives of the "Piners" in their search for new stands of Huon Pine and mineral prospectors searching to find that one valuable claim that surely must be out there.

New tracks were surveyed and opened up as the attempt was made to make a way through to the South West Coast and Macquarie Harbour. It was a race against time if Tasmania was not to lose out to mainland interests from Victoria, who were on the point of taking control of this area. A railway was even considered, receiving some enthusiastic support. But in the end the Tasmanian Government was not persuaded to take up this idea, so instead of electric trains humming across this beautiful part of our State, today it still remains what it always was, pristine wilderness.

Trampled Wilderness Volume 2 - History of South West Tasmania

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