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  • A Book for our Time - The abc of life

"Meaningless! Meaningless!"  says the teacher.  "Utterly meaningless!  Everything is meaningless"  Ecclesiastes 1:2. To have a meaningful life, is to be of a good behaviour so that you can make use of your time judiciously in your entire life's endeavours and be completely fulfilled.  In this world, there are only two tragedies, said Oscar Wilde.  "One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it!"  This paradoxical proverb has often been proved true by an exemplary life of once the richest men of this world, King Solomon and Howard Robert Hughes.


Many poor people think that if they only had more money they would be happy.  Howard Robert Hughes was the world's richest man at the age of 45 but at the age of 65 he still had all his money but had retreated from society, living in a small dark room in a hotel, keeping all the sun out.  He was dirty, his beard and hair grew down to his waist.  His huge body had shrunk to nothing because he lacked some ingredients, which are the moral ethics of good behaviour.


There was once a very rich king who found that riches did not satisfy him.  His name is King Solomon.  He wrote about his experiences in a book called Ecclesiastes.  He had it all,  wealth, wisdom and fame and systematically sampled all life's pleasures and power, yet all ultimately disappointed him.  Why? Because, he found out that riches without the right attitude is meaningless.  "What is the point of life he asked?"  You work hard, and someone else gets all the credit.  You struggle to be good, and the evil people take advantage of you.  You accumulate money, and it goes into a bag with holes!  You seek pleasure and it turns sour on you.  And everyone - rich or poor, good or evil, meets the same end...death.  Therefore, there is only one word to describe this life - meaningless!  Meanwhile, the only point of life is that, no matter how difficult things may be, be good and remain true to yourself and all things will work in your favour.



This is a book for all time and for all generations without limitations. When life seems senseless , you CAN make it sensible.

A Book for our Time - The abc of life

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